Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Star Creative Parties

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Maybe it is because I have another little bundle of joy on the way. And maybe it is because my first son has all kinds of allergies and a very weak immune system. Or maybe all this talk of saving the planet has finally broken me of my destructive ways (or is starting to break me). But I was so pleased to come across another great environmentally friendly party site, Little Star Creative Parties. I heard about them through Urban Daily - a must read for all you modern moms and immediately clicked over to check out their site. They carry the standard eco cups, plates and silverware, but they also package them up in party packages and carry some great decor items as well. While I still feel like enviro tableware has a ways to go in the color option department, this site provides other great ideas to jazz up the table scape. Most of their ideas are geared towards kids parties, with great favor ideas that can also double as party activities. As you know, kids love to play in playhouses and they carry one of my favorites, the Eco Kids House ($45.50). It is plain white cardboard so the kids can decorate it while they are playing and the guest of honor can continue to enjoy it long after the party is over. I love that!!! T had one similar at her daughter's first birthday and the kids loved it too. And the tablecloth kit ($19.50) is such a great idea. Have the kids work on that early in the party and when it is time for food or cake and ice cream, their designs will be on display. They also have a fabric pennant banner ($29.95) that is totally reusable, that will bring color and whimsy to the party. Be sure to check out the favor department for their assortment of great wooden toys ($4-$6) as well as eco friendly art supplies. Click on their Eco Party Ideas section and it will walk you through an entire party and even give you helpful tips on the menu. And also note they have links to other "green" sites that will help advance you on your walk to save the world (even if it is just one party at a time).

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