Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let them bake cake!

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Sometimes, we focus so much on all the little party details that we totally blow it on the cake. We either run out of time or ideas and end up serving the standard white sheet cake with some haphazard candles and icing gel you grabbed last minute from the grocery store. Maybe for your next party, start with the cake. Use the cake as the focal point and then plan the rest of the party around it. Family Fun Magazine online has a great cake contest going on right, The Best Cake Face Off. This is the perfect place to get your cake idea. They have the cakes divided into categories and they are pretty amazing. This contest was touted as cakes done by "everyday bakers" which I'm not sure that I buy. I think I would consider myself and everyday baker and I can barely ice a round cake. These people seem borderline professional. If you feel up to the challenge, each cake entered has also provided the recipe for you to recreate at home. Or you can use the contest as a resource like me. I would find the cake that I like, print out the photo and run to my nearest bakery. That's how I roll. Please go have a look. The voting is set up in rounds and is really quick. I'm not sure what the winner wins, if anything other than bragging rights. But you know, that is sometimes enough. Once you are done perusing the cake contest, head over to the permanent resource on the site for cakes. There are more photos, recipes, tips and more. You should never end up with a cake disaster again.


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