Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TOPS Malibu Sparklers!!!

You have no idea how hard these were to find. Awhile back, S and I attended the Halloween, Costume & Party Show in Vegas. Amid the sea of horribly scary Halloween items and super skanky costumes, there were also some party vendors which we were really excited to see. At one of the party booths was a wholesale company whose items included sparklers for your cupcakes. Now we all know how much I love me some cupcakes and the idea of adding a little sparkler on top just made my day. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a readily-available-to-the-masses vendor for the little cuties. But now I've found TOPS Malibu. Yes, they've got tons of other cute party and paper items, but what really got me excited was their sparklers! Most of the sparklers are imported from Europe and they come in several sizes. The mini sparklers would be great to add to your cake or cupcakes in lieu of candles. They also have number shaped mini-sparklers as well. And for those of you who aren't into lighting a fire on top of your food, they also have larger sparklers that would make a fun favor or decor item. And with that, I've got to run, I think my kids are trying to kill each other and I should probably put a stop to that.


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