Monday, June 30, 2008

Eminem on an m&m? Yes, it's possible.

If you are one of our loyal readers you know that Alyson likes to post about baked goods and mixes and that I enjoy personalized items, especially those with a photo. Shoot, I'll put a photo on anything that stands still long enough. So when my sister asked me if I had heard about the new way to customize m&m's, I freaked out. Since she had recently ordered custom m&m's, she was sent an email about their latest product. You can now add a photograph to m&m's!!! So cool! I have ordered the custom message candies several times and they always make an impression on party guests. But these! What a dream come true! The message only candies start at $11.99 per 7 oz. bag and the photo option starts at just $12.99! What a steal (okay so they require a 3 bag minimum order of the 7 oz. bags and then you tack on shipping...right, it's kind of expensive for candy). But you can package these in an inexpensive vellum envelope with a cute mod seal that you can do on your home computer and you end up with a simple, unique favor that doesn't break the bank. These can be used for every imaginable kind of celebration and in so many different ways. Place them in small containers around the party area as a cute little snack, sprinkle them on a table like confetti to add some pizazz to the decor, or use them as a favor. This is also one of those items that you can send to a loved when when you can't be with them to celebrate. They will remember these!!! There are 17 colors to choose from that can be custom printed on and 5 more colors that are available as accents. M&m's also have an option for putting these together as favors for you (starting at $4.99 each with a minimum of 20). See as m&m's are on of my favorite candies, I think I would prefer to buy the 5 pound bulk box. And the guilt that you may feel from spending the $162.50 for the box can be eaten away with that many m&m's at your disposal. It's really a winning situation for you. If you haven't been to the m&m site lately, you should go by and check it out. They have other specialty m&m's now like with sports teams emblems on them in the team colors. What a great idea for a tailgating party!!!

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