Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Domino Effect

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I have said it before. I heart magazines. My favorite is Domino. I think, in part, because until we purchase our first home, I refuse to actually decorate our "temporary" space. I would rather wait to buy pieces that fit OUR home perfectly. So I read Domino each month with a sense of longing and awe at the sheer beauty of all that is home decor. And of course one of my favorite sections is by Jennifer Rubell and has recipes and party planning ideas. And now, Domino has put out a Summer Entertaining Guide. All of the themes have already been printed in the magazine, but this 15 page booklet is so inspiring. With recipes and tips to throw and Iced Tea Party and an After Dinner Cheese Course you will be calling all your friends to set up a get together. There are recipes for drinks and ideas for decor. As always, the photography is breathtaking and while you get a sense that the tableware and linens used in the shots cost probably twice your yearly salary, you can see how you can duplicate with items you already have. So once you have perused the guide, you should also check out their online party planning section. All of the parties are done with such beauty, but you can tell that a main goal is always ease and quality time spent with the guests. I like that. It's not about fussing, or being anything that you are not. Be yourself, relax and have fun. And with an entry titled "no-cook meals" you really can sit back and enjoy yourself. Happy summer, cupcakes. A and I are willing party guests if anyone wants to try out one of these themes. I'm just saying...

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