Friday, July 18, 2008

The Party in my Head - Junk in the Trunk

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Wow.  This is awesome.  I saw this today on Urban Daddy and immediately had a fantasy party planning session in my head.  I picture the beach parking lot on a Saturday afternoon.  I see several Raj tents and lots of beautiful people milling about.  And I see this mobile party unit set up kicking out the jams and drinks.  This is such a great idea.  Is it practical, not really.  Is it cheap, no way.  But the idea...fantastic.  This 80 pound aluminum box secures to your hitch (pretty sure there isn't a hitch on a some cars, but I could be wrong).  The Party-a-CarGo has a built in power source so you can crank up the tunes for 12 hours either from your ipod or a cd player, and a full kegerator.  The company is based in So Cal so everyone else will just have to dream about the possibilities.  And for $2,800 and up, the rest of us will probably admire it from a far too.  

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