Monday, July 21, 2008

Roses are Red....

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Welcome back cupcakes! I hope you had a great weekend. I've been off for a week now, and it feels like an eternity. This past week I (a) had the stomach flu (b) chaperoned 24 teenagers at summer camp and (c) crashed a van containing said teenagers. It was quite a week. At any rate, its back in the saddle again. Today I bring you the baby bunch. If you're already familiar with their bunches (they've been featured all over place, including M.S.) then you already know how great they are. I mean, babies go through so many clothes and you never seem to have enough of those basics. Baby bunches are basically layette sets that are wrapped up and come to you looking like a complete flower arrangement. They have bunches especially for boys, girls and "unknowns". Their bunches start at $49.95 and they have some smaller bucket arrangements that are slightly less. So for those of you getting ready to host a shower for an eco-conscious mom to be, how about using a baby bunch in place of your centerpiece? They are, in most cases, less expensive, completely reuseable and double as your shower gift - its a win,


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