Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

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So its hot. Which, I guess, is why my mind keeps wandering to a nice cool drink by the pool. And I guess I should clarify something. I am not even really a drinker. There's just something about summer that does it to me I guess. So no, we're not changing the name of the blog to Cupcakes and Cocktails or Cupcakes and Cosmos and I promise that with my next post I will try to branch out a bit. But any-who. S and I always stand by the fact that its in the details. The little things that tie your party together and show your guests that you've really gone the extra mile in your planning. And this is definitely a detail. I mean, cold drinks on a hot day are without a doubt a must for your summer entertaining, but what can you do as an extra special touch? Well just take a look at all the fun ice cube molds from one of my favorites, Worldwide Fred. They've got a fun mold for just about every occassion. Like the "cool jewels" mold, perfect for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Or for those over the hill birthday milestones, drop a "frozen smile" in your drink to make a statement. And of course, for the aforementioned poolside cocktail, how about the "ice kabobs" or the "cool jazz" molds. There's even molds that would be great for a kids party - like the "ice princess" (the wand doubles as a straw, how cute!). The Fred ice molds can be purcahsed online at or So chill out, would you?


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