Monday, July 7, 2008

Bottoms Up Mamas!

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Welcome back cupcakes! Hopefully you all got a bit of rest and relaxation over your 4th of July weekend and all your entertaining was easy and stress-free. How nice was it that the 4th fell on a Friday this year? You know, now that summer's here, cocktail season is in full swing. I mean nothing says summer quite like a frilly drink with a little umbrella in it, right? I know S would agree. Which is one of the reasons that being pregnant over the summer can be so difficult. I mean, who wants to skip out on poolside mojitos? Which is why I am dedicating this post to S and T and all you other preggos out there. Thanks to author Alyssa Gusenhoff and her book, Margarita Mama, you don't have you miss out on all the yummy cocktails this summer - and neither do your other pregnant guests. This book is full of 100 percent alcohol-free "mocktails" including old favorites like mudslides, mojitos, cosmopolitans and mimosas plus there's a few new ones thrown in - like materni-tini and the raging hormone. Pick up this little read at This book would make a great little gift for the mom-to-be on your list or pick one up for yourself if you're hosting a baby shower this summer and give your guest of honor a little something extra to enjoy!


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