Thursday, June 19, 2008

Word to your cupcake

Cupcakes may be soooo five minutes ago to some people, but I think they will be around in a big way for a long time (not like they were really that obscure to begin with...). Cupcake decorating has gone to a whole new level with elaborate themes and presentations but being somewhat craft challenged I look for a much more simple way to decorate (when I go beyond the standard frosting, which isn't often). Cupcake picks are perfect for me. And there are a ton of options to choose from. You can custom make some yourself with specialty papers and toothpicks, or buy ready made plastic picks from a local party store, but then there is the wonderful wide world of Etsy (which I am in no frame of mind to tackle in this one post. It will have to be done at a later date). I found these boom box picks and immediately started to think of how I could fit them in to my next party (which is my husband's grandfathers 90th birthday party - you never know, he may find them nostalgic). You get 3 boom boxes for $2.85 and shipping is totally reasonable. The Peach Shop, the shop that sells these little lovelies has 185 other items for sale so you are gonna need to browse for yourself to see all the other awesome stuff they have. There is a little modern, a little vintage and a whole lotta stuff that I want to buy for my next party.
*Side note. My two year old in the repeating everything anyone says stage and it has made my brain mush. This post was not easy to write and I apologize for it's lack of...whatever it is that you may think is lacking. :)

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