Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So last night I sat here feverishly trying to type my post and no less than THREE times!!!! I got kicked out of blogger....which is my sorry excuse for having this post up so late today. Awful I know, but did you ever have one of those days? I seem to have them often. Which is difficult when you want to appear like the hostess who has this whole entertaining thing down pat. You don't want to be running around at the last minute as your guests arrive pulling things out of store bought packages and plating them. I mean, you want to have that done like, at a least a few minutes before that first guest arrives so you can pretend you've made it all yourself, right???? Actually, when it comes to food, I keep a few tricks up my sleeve. And one of those tricks just happens to be the Barefoot Contessa products. If you are even half the Food Network addict that S and I are, you already know Ina Garten. She is the hostess I strive to appear to be. Always calm, always composed, always placing gorgeous plates of delicious food in front of her guests. Fortunately for me, she now has a full line of boxed products for breakfast, lunch and dinner that allow you to create some of her classic recipes in no time at all. They're simple enough that even those with the most basic kitchen skills can whip up some fabulous dishes (AMEN sister) and they're inexpensive enough that even those with the most meager party budgets can afford a box or two. Hosting a brunch? Try her french crepe mix or the maple oatmeal scone mix. For dinner, try her apple cranberry sauce over roasted chicken or pork. And her desserts are awesome. Try the brownie mix, the chocolate ganache cake or for something extra special, how about s'mores with homemade marshmallows (she's even got a mix for that!) You can purchase her full line of products at Just make sure you bury those boxes deep in the trash bin and it can be our little secret....


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