Monday, June 9, 2008


When I was younger, I had this theory that your brain could only hold so much information...and eventually if you exceeded that limit, you would start to lose old information to make room for the new. And really, maybe I was on to something there. Because sometime around the time I started having kids, I started losing the part of my brain that loved organization and could remember where I put things. Its a curse. I am honestly not kidding. I made reference to this in a previous post, I realize, but its a sickness of sorts that I've got going on here. No matter how organized I am, things seem to get lost when I'm around. This afternoon I specifically put my car keys in a certain zippered pocket inside my purse because I wanted to make sure I would remember where they were when I needed them (I lose my keys on literally a daily basis). So anywho, cut to an hour later and me on the floor dumping my purse out searching frantically for a missing set of keys. It was then I realized that the pocket in my beloved handbag had been injured and was now sporting a key-sized hole, allowing them to slip into the lining of my purse. Seriously. No matter how organized I can be, things just seem to vanish. This is one of the reasons that entertaining can make me nervous. Its just so hard for me to manage to get everything I need from point A to point B without losing anything. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I'm so smitten by the Snap-A-Party sets by Worldwide Fred. Each Snap-A-Party setting includes everything your guests will need at a party - knife, fork, spoon, plate, chopsticks, toothpick, even a napkin ring - all ready to snap apart and use. You can purchase these sets online at Perpetual Kid, The Spoon Sisters, or everyone's favorite Plum Party. They come four to a pack and at just about $12 per pack, that's only $3 per place setting! What a great way to take your parties on the road - if you can find your keys.


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