Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cookie Face

It's pricey. I'm not going to lie. But there is a special person in your life who deserves a little something out of the ordinary. What I'm talking about are custom photo cookies by Mrs. Beasley's. When I first came across this company I thought they would have generic tasting treats like you often come across in gift baskets. But I was wrong. I was working in hotel catering at the time and was lucky enough to have a rep come in and bring all kinds of treats for us to taste. That was the best part of my entire employment there. All the items, especially the Miss Grace Lemon Cake, were amazing. So when my sister got engaged and was going to come back home for a visit, I decided to throw her an small, simple shower at a local restaurant. We had some close friends and family attend and just enjoyed spending time with each other, but I still wanted to have some special touches. Mrs. Beasley's photo cookies were perfect. I used a really cute photo of my sister and fiance and surprised my sister with the cookies. They came out really cute and were wrapped in a cello bag with a little ribbon. Since there weren't too many people at the shower, the minimum order of 12 cookies suited me just fine (but it cost around $52.00! yelp, although I think they offer the option to pick up your order from a local store for a savings of around $10...)So for your next small function, that you want to make extra special, you should think about creating a custom cookie. I did mine for a bridal shower, but you could easily do them for any kind of event. I know there are other companies out there that do a similar product, but I can personally vouch for these. And when my sister's wedding day rolled around, you bet your bottom dollar that we enjoyed a basket of Mrs. Beasley's goodies as we prepared for the nuptials.

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