Friday, June 6, 2008

A multi-tasking yogurt container

So T decided to run off to Italy for our friend's wedding so I will be doing the post for today. And what did I find out from preparing this post? That I should in no way now or ever try to be a food stylist. But what I wanted to show you guys is these awesome little yogurt containers that can be used in so many creative ways for parties. First of all, I am not a fan of yogurt and I love this stuff by Spega (unable to find a company website). I only eat the Cinnamon Ginger flavor, although they have others, and I can buy it at my local Ralphs, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. The price varies slightly at each place. It is a little bit more expensive then normal yogurt, but come on, it is imported from Italy (maybe T can bring some back for me...) and it comes in these great glass bottles. I began saving the containers a while ago and then had my mom save some for me too. I now have quite the collection saved and stored on my party shelves just waiting to be put to good party use. My initial thought was to use them as individual milk servings for a brunch cereal bar. Each guest could pick up a container of milk after they have chosen a cereal and then use as much or as little milk as they want. They could also be used as individual salad dressing servings at a salad bar or seated dinner. For a great dessert you could serve each guest a plate with 2 containers, one with a chocolate fondue like sauce and the other with a warm caramel sauce. Then serve a selection of bite sized dippers (a more sanitary take on fondue...). The food options could go on and on. I could also see using them as little bud vases. For T's last baby sprinkle we did something similar using cleaned out baby food jars. We took fully open rose blossoms and cut the stems so the flowers sat just above the lid of the jar. Throw in a tea light and you've got a a more interesting votive holder. You could also use the jars to put candy in and set around the room so that there are snacks around for the guests. These cute little jars could be set on a guest book table holding an array of pens or colored pencils. You could cut out tulle circles and create little candy bundles to drop inside to send off with the guests as a favor. I'm sure if I sat here and thought about every part to a party, I could come up with some way to use these containers. Like I said in my last post, it's all about using your imagination and re purposing things in a new way. Similarly, I recently found, at Trader Joe's, this amazing frozen coffee chocolate mousse thingy that comes in the coolest plastic vessel. While the plastic scratches a bit easier than the glass containers, I know I can use these for something. Hmmm, maybe an individual strawberry shortcake appetizer portion...Great, now I'll never be able to sleep. My mind will be working all night.


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