Thursday, June 12, 2008

A long time ago, in a land very close to this one, there lived a great little company called Confoti. They made confetti using your personal photos and accent pieces in colors that you chose. But then the fairy tale apparently ended because the company is no longer around. I have come across a similar company that can handle all your custom confetti needs, Photofetti. Prices start at just $25.95 for 1", two sided photo confetti pieces of up to 10 original photos and 3 different colored and sized accent pieces. This would be the perfect amount for any kind of shower or home party. Are you doing a gala? They have options for that too, but I think this starter kit would suit most parties just fine. I have used custom photo confetti for 60th wedding anniversary parties (with current photos of the married couple as well as their pictures from yester-year), bridal showers (individual pics of the bride and groom and them as a couple) and baby showers (kid and recent photos of the mother and the father). You could certainly use this product in many other ways. The natural way would be to sprinkle it on tables and around a buffet area. But you could also use it in a cello bag or box as packaging with a favor, add a little glue to some of the photo pieces and attach them as decoration to votive holders (the outside of course), add a little ribbon and glue and fashion them into napkin rings, add the photo pieces to place cards and sprinkle more on the tables to designate table assignments (if you want to take the time to separate out all the photo pieces that is - hey, some of us are crazy enough to do it). They also offer packages of photo-less confetti with pre-made words and phrases on them for about $8.00 or you can customize the sayings for around $10.00. The guests really enjoy looking at the photos and you may find people (mainly relatives) scooping some in to their purses as a souvenir. I guess you could do this yourself, if you felt like buying several different sized circular punches and then punching a trillion little dots of various colors. But I am way to lazy for that. So, for me Photofetti is the answer.

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