Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Piece of Cake

You will never believe what I did today. I walked to work. WHAT? I know. But remember - there's a MOUSE living in my car. I will probably never drive it again. And just so you are all updated, Mr. A has decided that he is on a crusade to catch the vermin and there are currently 6 mouse traps in the inside of our Durango. (Once more, I will probably never drive again). Anyway, I realized this morning that its not such a bad thing. I mean, the walk was actually not too bad. I felt good about not using gas and my kids (who spend the mornings with Grandma - thankfully she and my work are both within walking distance) really like being outside - plus, I could definitely use the exercise. The way I see it, with all the calories I burned this morning, I deserve a big bowl of ice cream or slice of cake when I get home (crud, I just realized this means I have to walk home too!) I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am big on dessert. And I'm not really sure if this is the case, but perhaps my affection for dessert is what prompted me to fall in love with these favor boxes from the Daisy's and Dots etsy shop. What a a great idea! She sells the favor boxes by the "slice", or you can purchase a whole "cake". She sells most of the full cakes for just $30.00. At 24 favor boxes per cake, that's just $1.25 per box plus you could totally use it as a centerpiece as well! I'm also a big fan of her "carrot cake". Sets of 4 are just $9.00. She'll also custom make a paper cake for you too if you need specific colors. So cute! And 100% calorie free!

*updated to add - You did what? A- I don't even know you anymore. You walked to work? Crazy. I almost want to drive over and pick you up after work. But that is kind of far and I could be on my couch (inside where we belong) watching tv. And your post makes me want to find some cake...


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