Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheesecake Meets Pop

This one's for all the non-bakers in the house....which would include me, I guess. Its weird really. I actually love to cook, and you'd think with all the experimenting in the kitchen I have done over the years I would have worked up a mean baking repetoire. You'd think. But apparently the baking gene skipped me completely because I'm often lucky if I can get the preformed frozen cookie dough to turn out right. Unfortunately, the gene that carries the love of all things dessert did not skip me, so what I HAVE learned to do is improvise. So when I saw this post on the HWTM blog complete with photos of the amazing Cheesecake Pops created by Mimi on the Move, my mind went into overdrive. I mean, cheesecake on a stick. Covered in chocolate. Pure genius. The Daring Bakers have outdone themselves with this one. And OH, how I wish that I had the talent to recreate these tiny bits of heaven. (For those of you who might have the talent and ambition to actually create them from scratch, the original recipe can be found here). Then, today, a miracle happened. Right there in front of me at the checkout stand in the grocery store was the new Smuckers ad campaign complete with the easiest shortcut for frozen cheesecake pops! So, for those of you who find yourselves as baking challenged as me, enjoy the recipe below which was modified from the Smuckers ad I saw today. I haven't tried these myself yet, so please let us know how yours turn out! (By the way, the photos above are not the cheater pops, they are the original, beautiful works of art created by Mimi on the Move.)



Frozen Cheesecake

Craft sticks or lollipop sticks

Smucker's Magic Shell Chocolate Fudge Topping

Decorative Sprinkles (Take a look at the fancy flours post for ideas)


Cut cheesecake into 2 inch squares. Insert lollipop sticks into one end of each square. Place cheesecake squares back in freezer for 5 minutes. Grab your bottle of Magic Shell topping (making sure to shake for at least 20 seconds). Hold the cheesecake over a shallow bowl and coat completely with Magic Shell topping. Cover in sprinkles (quickly - before the magic shell dries). Refreeze until ready to serve.


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