Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easy Summer Entertaining via Email

I feel really bad about my self right now. A- walked to work and I couldn't even walk up 4 flights of stairs to my car today. And I would have waited for it even if the elevator doors hadn't sprung open just as I walked up. But here is something that I feel really good about. Rachael Ray Magazine has started weekly email newsletters on summer entertaining. I got my first one today and it is really well done. It is white and orange and has that crisp, summery feel to it. The party idea for this week is a spa party (spa? Yes please!) and includes links to the website where they give you the recipes for the party menu (tuna ceviche, yum) as well as how to make a foot soak and other homemade spa treatments. You should sign up today. I can't wait to get these every week!!! Is Rach the new MS? One more stint in the slammer for MS and I think it could be a sure thing...

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