Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's in a name?

So I've got a little confession to make...I'm a wrapaholic. I don't know what it is. Maybe its the creative outlet, the endless possibilities, the blank canvas if you will, of a gift that needs wrapping. I'm not quite sure I've got it figured out. But I do know that it shouldn't take as long to wrap a gift as it does to pick it out in the first place. Right? (Although I know I'm not alone in this addiction because if you've ever seen the way our girl, T wraps her gifts.....well, maybe we should start a support group). Anyway, the way I figure it, how I wrap says something about the gift. It says "Hey, I want this gift to be special so I took the time to choose the exact right paper and the perfectly matching ribbon so it could make the best possible first impression" (rereading this, I am realizing maybe I do need a support group). At any rate, for those of you who share my obsession love of wrapping, you will truly appreciate all the amazing finds at name maker. On their site, you can order personalized wrapping paper, ribbon, favor boxes and gift boxes. Oh, the possibilities! Add initials or a thank you message to your favor boxes. Wrap homemade cookies with personalized ribbon. Wrap birthday gifts in personalized paper. Check out how cute these Halloween treat bags are. And how sweet (pun intended) are these candy stick favors? I am so so glad I found this site just in time to stay up until 3am wrapping the end of the year favors for my daughter's preschool class...


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