Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I heart Fancy Flours

Okay, here is the follow up to my previous post about dressing up a cake. My son is busy watching the "Smurts" (Smurfs) so I have a few minutes. I'll type fast. I first heard about the company, Fancy Flours, through a Martha Stewart vehicle. It may have been a wedding magazine, it may have been Darcy Miller's blog, I really can't remember. I just know it is a Martha favorite. And who doesn't want to copy anything Martha does? Half the type I feel that my crafty skill set is not capable of making her "Good Things," but I can certainly buy some of the same supplies that she does. Fancy Flours is a baker's paradise. And while I am not a baker, I can at least crank out a passable cupcake. I recently took a minute to look through the entire Fancy Flours online catalog. Holy crap. Most of the items I have never seen before. Which means I will be the first. A leader in cake pizzazz. Take the edible cake gems. They look just like large gemstones but are edible and I can think of soooo many ways to use them. For sure you would have to do a diamond ring topper for a bridal shower cupcake (and and 8 oz. package, which is approximately 80 pieces, is just $12.00). But the type and variety of products is HUGE! They have all kinds of colored or shaped sprinkles, decoratifs and other edible decor. They have edible gold and silver that can be added to bakery items and desserts. They have edible pearls and glitters in an assortment of colors. They have a ton of non-edible picks to choose from including holiday and themed varieties to suit any type of party. Now, let's talk about the chocolate transfer papers! The patterns are totally modern and awesome. My only fear is the lack of skills for actually using said papers and turning out a chocolate that would knock socks off. But the directions listed on the website make it sound super easy. This post could really go on for days with all the amazing products they have. I will list a few more here but you really should look through the whole catalog: laser cut cupcake wrappers, laser cut cake stand wrappers (genius!), an amazing selection of paper muffin cups (including leopard, meow), 3D cookie kits, flower waters and cake and cookie top stencils. Okay I have to stop. I am getting too excited. The website is really easy to navigate and aside from all the kick ass products, they also have a blog that shows ideas as well as recipes and newsletters that have all kinds of party ideas. In conclusion, I feel very confident that if I use any of the products on Fancy Flours to stylize my baking, no one will be concerned with the flavor of my baking, or lack there of. Fancy Flours, I salute you.

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