Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Save the cutlery, save the world!

I'm a born leader. Some may call it bossy (right, a-?). But I have always liked to go a bit against the grain. I stopped wearing ponchos when everyone else started, okay. Enough said. So I'm glad that Earth Day and all the hoopla surrounding it is over. Don't get me wrong, getting info out that will save the world is important. I just don't think it always has to happen in April. Since having my first child two years ago, I have become much more aware of the world around us and the chemicals and harshness of everything. While this is true, I would hope, of most new parents in this day and age, it really drives me crazy that some companies use "natural" and "enviro-friendly" as a marketing ploy - hullo bleachtastic "natural" cleaner. While planning parties at home often requires the use of paper products, some of which may or may not be as friendly to our pal, Earth, as they could be, A and I have been on the lookout for some good alternatives. By now, all of you have probably seen the Bambu products which are widely available online and in most major grocery stores. It is a great product, totally cool looking but also a bit expensive. I have looked in to a few other products but nothing else has really wowed me. Until Sunday. My mom and I went to the Patchwork Art and Craft Festival in Santa Ana and saw some amazing vendors (shout out Robert with Mahar DryGoods - it was a pleasure to meet you and see your amazing products in person.) The festival was put on by Random Nicole and her aunt who owns a store called The Road Less Traveled. We walked over to the store to check it out and it is eco-heaven. As I was browsing through the store, I came across what I have been in search of...earth friendly, disposable goods, that also look cool (let's be honest, it's always about appearances). So if you are at all interested in doing your part to save the world, you should check these out. Don't be afraid of going "green," your children's children will thank you and I bet most of your party guests won't even know that they didn't come from your local party store. I have not used these so I can't vouch for the strength of, say the knife cutting through meat, but I certainly can't wait to check them out. I especially love the cutlery (made of potato...yeah, you heard me), the shape is totally modern and the neutral color would go with so many different color stories. A pack of 50 is $6.00 for knives, forks, or spoons (sold separately). I also can't wait to check out the cold beverage cup. They sell them in two sizes (and not one of them is tiny. I hate when you feel like you are serving your guests out of shot glasses and they have to keep refilling) and they are clear and awesome. Cups are $8.00 - $10.00 depending on the size and also come in a pack of 50. They sell 10" plates and also straws (who knew that straws were made out of some of the same materials found in Styrofoam!), some Bambu products and alternative cookware. I encourage you to check all the products out on the store's website. While you are there, browse around and check out their other offerings. The staff at the store was super friendly and I'm sure you can contact them directly if you have any other questions about the products. I understand if you don't feel earthy enough to try these items out at your next party. I promise to only call you "Earth Killer" behind your back.


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jefferino said...

Hi Cupcakes and Cutlery

Great blog and thanks for the fine compliments. It means a lot to receive these type of positive endorsements for our products.

You're right, we are a bit more expensive than some other alternatives, but we're the first to do what we do with bamboo and we felt it was important to invest in the Certified Organic certification process to give customers absolute assurance about our products.

Look for more products coming soon.

kind regards

Jeff Delkin


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