Monday, May 5, 2008

RSVP in Digital Style

It's genius. Pure genius. I am not sure why I haven't thought to do this. It's brilliant. And free. My girl T is super creative and goes all out for any party she throws (just take her husband's 40th birthday party with custom lights, an amazing caterer, dj, and burlesque dancer - especially when she threw her glove on to a heater and it started to catch fire. Talk about hot! ha!) {side note - you'll be hearing more from T real soon. There are changes in the works for Cupcakes and Cutlery, super exciting, super top secret, shhh} T likes to bounce things off of me, once in a while, to get a second opinion on party related decisions. So she showed me the draft invite for her daughter's upcoming first birthday party. I looked over the type: open house, theme: modern garden party, colors: hot pink, bright green, some polka dots, a modern initial, wording: the basics...but wait! What's that?! The last line of the invitation has a custom email address specifically for her daughter's party for people to RSVP to!!! Boom. Just like that she took the usual (not everyone else's "usual", her "usual" is already 3 steps ahead...) and made it totally brand new and personal. It is totally free to set up an email address and it only takes a few minutes. Then you just have to make sure you check it for the RSVP's (which will probably be zero since no one has traditional manners anymore and don't RSVP for parties). I thought it was such a clever touch and know that the other guests will dig it as well. And you could certainly reuse this address year after year. There are a bunch of free email services to choose from, so choose your favorite (I like Yahoo or Gmail). So set one up for your next party and let us know how the guests like it. T, this will serve as my RSVP. S and family will be in attendance. Holla!
(note*: the email address in the invite sample above has not actually been created. It is for example purposes only, so don't email it!! And, more on O's "second term" party later!)

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Susie said...

This is the best idea i have seen in a long long time. Thanks for sharing!


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