Monday, May 26, 2008

Right On Target: Patriotic Finds

I've got a real love-hate relationship with Target. Love because I know that no matter what I need I can find it at a reasonable price. Hate because I know that no matter what I need I will come out of the store with at least five things more than I had planned. Its inevitable and I've totally resigned myself to it. But come on. Have you SEEN some of the cute stuff they've been carrying? Which brings me to the reason for this post: The Dollar Spot. For those of us who entertain on a budget, the dollar spot is the place to be. I kid you not. Generally the stock is seasonal and yes, it pays to shop a bit ahead of holidays (their stock runs low quick) but I promise you, you can plan an entire party from the dollar section and spend just $50 (or less!). And right now, Target's Dollar Spot is stocked full of cute patriotic accessories. Having people over for Memorial Day today? Head over and pick up a few things. Then save them and reuse them for your 4th of July bash. They've got star-shaped appetizer plates in (of course) red, white and blue, small buckets in patriotic colors and patterns, bandanas in several festive patterns, small American flags (3 per pack) plus tons of accessories (hats, sunglasses, necklaces, etc). They're also carrying cupcake wrappers, sprinkles and "fireworks" appetizer picks (I used one as a cupcake topper in the photo above).

Here are some ideas for how you can use (and reuse!) these items to entertain while still maintaining a very slim budget:

Instead of the usual barbecue, invite friends and family over for dessert before viewing fireworks on the 4th of July. Make a boxed cake or cupcakes and serve with ice cream or for something different, try these "American As Apple Pie" slices a la mode.


Invite a few friends or family members to meet you at your local fireworks show. Wrap up a few buckets with snacks like caramel corn or pretzels for everyone.


Reuse the white star plates and buckets for an "outer-space" themed kids party or for a baby shower (I'm thinking "a star is born").
Hot glue black boas around the red buckets and pair with zebra or other animal print for a "rockstar" party or a bachelorette party.
Most of all, have fun! I can't wait to see what will hit the shelves next!

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