Friday, May 23, 2008

Scratch Your Etch

SOME people would say I'm a little scatterbrained. And I'll admit. I do have a hard time keeping my hands on things. I mean, not the BIG things. I still have two kids and one husband (although I'm not sure where my son is right now, maybe I should check into that...)But I definitely have a habit of "misplacing" small things. Like my keys. Or my wallet. Or my entire purse for that matter. And okay, maybe once or twice I couldn't remember where I had parked my car. You catch my drift. I'm the reason you have to buy a hundred cups for your party of 25. Because once that cup is out of my hands, you can bet I won't remember where I left it. And when they all look the same and there's four cups on the table and I can't remember which one is mine - well, better safe than sorry right? So I'll grab another one. And another. And (oops, was mine half empty or still pretty full)....another one. Which is why I think that these cups are such a great idea. You can easily etch your name (or anything you want really!) onto the side of the cup with a fingernail, plus it wont smear or stain even when wet. (And as a bonus you won't have to worry about forgetting where you left the permanent marker and having your two year old get ahold of it and winding up covered head to toe - not that its happened to me before, I'm just saying...) Now that summer's just around the corner, consider using the Etch-It cups for your next tailgate party, picnic or barbecue. And if you're serving from cans and bottles, Etch-it also sells repositionable, waterproof labels that you can use as well. You can find these cups all over the place. They are available at retailers nationwide, or you can pick them up online at BevMo. And the next time I'm lost in a sea of cups, I'll know which one is mine. Just remind me where I put the car keys.


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