Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Aftermath

So your party is over. Now what? The aftermath. The clean up. The organizing. A's grandmother, my grandmother-in-law, has kept journals of the family holidays and gatherings for years. Do you need to know who brought the mashed potatoes to Thanksgiving last year? Meme knows. Did someone try a new recipe that we wanted to make every year from now on? Ask Meme. While I can't commit to such copious note taking, I do like the idea of documenting your events. Especially as a keepsake. There are several event journals out there, but there is one in particular that I love. Chronicle Books 'Happy Birthday to me' Journal is perfect, especially for children's parties. The graphics are amazing (they remind me of those found on Junior Society), nostalgic and happy. What I love best about this journal is that it basically gives each party 2 pages for details, but those two pages act as a pocket. It is the perfect place to store the birthday cards from that year and also a copy of the invitation and other small (flat) trinkets from the party. The first page also provides a place to tack a photo and the journal headers prompt you to talk about all the important elements of the party. It have enough pages to detail 12 parties which is right about the time they won't be inviting you to their parties anymore anyway, so it works out perfectly. You can buy this book at Amazon or Chronicle Books. Well, O' second birthday is well over a month passed now. I should probably chronicle it before I forget everything that happened!!! Also check out their 'School Years' memories book!

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