Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For Your Party, and All of Mine

I've been putting off this post. It could go on for days really. I love this website. Its just that there are so many amazing products. How do I edit what to talk about? I don't know where to start so I am going to jump right in. I used For Your Party to buy custom printed napkins for my son's first birthday and my 30th birthday which we celebrated with one big Country Club themed party. But napkins are just a very small part of what they do. I love personalized items, when done right (i.e. no puffy paint). For Your Party gets it. They do it right. They have been featured in the top wedding magazines and rightly so. The easiest way for you to understand just what they have to offer is to visit their site, but here is a quick snapshot of the products available: napkins, matches, coasters, place cards, gift tags, note cards, bags and boxes, ribbons, napkin rings, candy boxes, memo pads and stir sticks! Phew! And all can be customized in some way whether it is a monogram, a logo, a saying, a date. The possibilities are endless. And the products are really nice looking. These are some of the nicest paper items I've ever seen. But they give you even more options for dressing up your party the way you want to. In the Get the Look section, designers have created special sets of products that all coordinate and all look modern, sleek and special. You could simply buy several products from one of these sets and create your whole party look from it from just this website. And you can further customize these too! Did you forget your special event is next week? In the Grab and Go section, you can choose from non-personalized supplies that are ready for immediate shipment. And for the most customization, go to the Design Your Own section and get to work. Designing is done in a step by step process so you can see how the finished product will look as you go. they provide modern and traditional fonts and the most amazing selection of colors. Check out their Idea Gallery to see some of the custom work they have done for other clients to provide you inspiration. One of my favorite things they offer is called Other People's Parties. They are napkin packs of 100 in coordinating colors, but they are custom napkins done for, say it with me, Other People's Parties!! You and your guests can enjoy some of the crazy quotes other people have used or the funny themes they have come up with for their own parties. This is the kind of eco-friendly idea I like. They don't waste the paper and its funny! But don't worry, they offer a more traditional eco-friendly napkin as well. Prices vary and if you find them a bit steep, remember when you are customizing a party, it is not the quantity, but the quality. Purchase custom napkin rings and then put them on plain napkins or extras left over from your last party. Think of what will make the biggest impact on your guests and spend the money there. Clearly there was no way around custom printed napkins for our Country Club themed party. I had to have them. Once you look at this website, you will want to personalize everything!

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ForYourParty.com said...

What a nice article, Sharon! We try to make innovative products and really those who make them are our customer, so I'd like to thank them!

Great blog, I'll check it often to see what creativity can keep us inspired.



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