Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rock Scissor Paper Rocks!

My husband's family is fairly large. We were counting and I think that we're up to 13 nieces and nephews just on his side alone. Its a little crazy. When everyone gets together for family gatherings it can be a little overwhelming, but I love to watch all the kids run around together. Unfortunately for me, having that many nieces and nephews also means having that many birthdays to remember. And I'm terrible at it. Which is why I think that Rock Scissor Paper hit the nail on the head with their birthday calendar. Actually, come to think of it, Rock Scissor Paper hit the nail on the head with everything they've done. I can't remember the first time I saw their products (they've literally been featured in just about all of my favorite magazines at some point) but I am so glad I stumbled across them. Not only do they have that great birthday calendar I mentioned but actually LOVE their entire line. Take their invitations, for example. They've got a great modern-retro feel and you can purchase blank invitations to print at home OR splurge and have them custom imprinted. Looking for a little special touch for your party? Take a look at all of their drink coasters. You could create an entire party around the color schemes and patterns there. Remember, its in the details! Now if I could just remember if Rock beats Paper...


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