Thursday, May 29, 2008

Candy for your Drink

It is no secret that I LOVE iced tea. Give me a venti black iced tea, unsweetened from the Bizzle any day and I am a happy girl. And while I generally don't like any sweeteners near my crisp refreshing beverage, I think I can make an exception for these. Hammond's Candies makes a little something called an iced tea sipper. Picture the old-timey hard candy sticks, the kind that you would have probably paid a half-penney for back in "my day" imagine it as a straw...yum!!!!! They come in 3 flavors, orange, key lime and lemon and their colors are cheerful and spring-like. I love to set up different drink bars at parties and I can totally picture these at an iced tea station. You could set out cute cups holding these sippers. Then add a small bowl of fresh mint leaves, some cute regular straws in coordinating colors, an ice bucket and some high ball glasses and you've got yourself one heck of a beverage area. The colors of these candy sippers wold work well with all kinds of color schemes and would be super cute at an afternoon, girly party, like some sort of shower, tea party, kids party (use them with lemonade or Perrier!) or a relaxed girls night in. They come in a container of 12 sticks for $6.25 per flavor. Purchase them straight from Hammonds Candies. Also check out their yummy flavors of the old fashioned sugar sticks sold by the box for $5 per flavor. You will totally feel like it is already summer as you savor them in Rootbeer Float, Lemonade, Watermelon, Apple Pie and Strawberry Shortcake! And the red, white and blue suckers are amazing! Now even your candy can be patriotic this 4th of July!!!
*originally seen on Daily Candy.

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