Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Party all the Time!

I'm a total list maker. I make lists for everything. My grocery lists are perpetual, and my errand lists often end up that way also as I get lazy and don't complete them when I am supposed to. And when I am planning a party, I make a list for my lists. But then you end up with separate lists and they are scattered everywhere and your attempt to remain organized is thwarted and then you forget to pick up the cake. So I was delighted when I got an email from See Jane Work today announcing the arrival of the new pad by Knock Knock. The new Party Time pad is a decent sized pad (not too big for your purse, not too small to fit everything you want to keep track of) that has spots for planning the Menu, Drinks and Decorations as well as a spot to keep track of your To Dos and an Et Cetera section for the miscellaneous. All but the Et Cetera section has check off boxes to keep you on task. There are 60 pages per pad and each pad is only $7.00. Even factoring in some list revisions (I like a nice, neat, tidy list) there are plenty of sheets to plan parties for years. These pads can be found at one of my favorite online sites, See Jane Work or on the Knock Knock website. Don't forget to check out Knock Knock's other products too, like the Greeting Card Organizer and the Personal Library Kit (I can see a great kids party evolving from this kit). And their Thank You Self Mailer is a great way to save you some time and still be a super hostess and send out thank you notes. And for all of you attending parties, you should pick up the Thank You: Hospitality pack. It is a multiple choice thank you card thanking the hostess for her hospitality!
Knock knock? Whose there? Go. Go Who? Go buy one of these pads.

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