Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nodding Off

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am perpetually planning my kids' next birthday parties. Truth be told, now that my daughter is old enough to actually have a voice about what she wants at her next bash, its really difficult for me to let go a bit (thankfully my son is still young enough that I can do whatever I want with his...) And this year, I've found some super cute ideas all in one place. I could plan my next kid's party a thousand times over thanks to the awesome products at The Land of Nod. Many of them have a really cool retro feel - and something to think about - they are all totally reusable for those of you who like to be eco-friendly. Take for instance, their "Your a Grand Ole Flag" Party Banner. At $19.00, it makes a super cute decoration for parties for boys and girls alike. Reuse it for all your parties or when you're done, use it to decorate a bedroom or playroom. Or, if you prefer something more personal, check out their Personalized Birthday Banner or their Personalized Birthday Placemats as well. If you're looking for a party game, they have a great version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game which includes 32 reusable tails. And for a bit of a girly spin on the classic, try pin the fairy on the flower. For those of you who like to save those precious birthday keepsakes, take a look at their "Happy Birthday to Me" Keepsake Album. Who would have thought that a company known for its great kids furniture could also create such awesome party goods? Too bad N's next birthday is still eleven months away...


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