Sunday, April 27, 2008

Museum Worthy

I have mentioned my love of magazines in a previous post. But I have not mentioned a love even greater...tearing pages with things that I like out of magazines. When will I use that tip or buy that gift? Who knows! But if I see something I like, my OCD (self diagnosed) prevents me from saying to myself, "cool" and moving on. I must rip it out and save it in case I ever need it. And I have used them, so it is not all for nothing. But then the Internet got huge. And then people starting blogging and talking about cool products all the time. And wouldn't you know, I now print out what I like from these sites and they co-mingle with my magazine tear sheets. Lucky for you guys, some of the very products that I blog about, come straight out of these piles.
I first learned about the Exhibit your Art Pad on Daily Candy earlier this month (If you haven't heard about Daily Candy, it's awesome, and like millions of others agree so I'm not going to go into detail about them here, just go sign up for their email newsletters). Available at the Museum of Modern Art store, it is the perfect thing to have at a party where you don't really want to take the time to set up games that no one really wants to play anyway but you still want there to be something for people to do. These 14.5" x 17.5" pads are blank except for a blue frame printed on each page. Tear the sheets off and set out markers or crayons for the kiddos and let them go to town. Or, for an adult party, set out some markers, turn on some music, pour the wine and just wait for the kinds of drawings that will come out of that. Best part? The pages have adhesive on the back so when the artist is finished, you can create your own gallery by temporarily sticking them on the wall. Although the website does not say how many sheets are in each pad (if someone knows, comment yo!) don't let that stop you. Don't have enough sheets for each person to have one? Group them in to teams and see what kind of collaboration they come up with. These sheets would also be super fun as placecards. You would instruct everyone where to sit and then when dinner is served the food becomes the work of art. Or just keep this great item on hand for a rainy day. Have your kids create masterpieces and then play museum (stand around and look at the art from far away and then nod your head like you now know what the meaning of life is). I am certain that once my son knows how to color on a sheet of paper and not the table around it that we will be investing the $12.00 pad. I just know his dad's office will look awesome with his art on every wall! Dad's genuine art collection: $100,000. Kids art work on a sticky paper: priceless. (Okay now, would blog etiquette say I should shout out MasterCard right there?)
note: genuine art collection is purely fictitious.

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