Monday, April 21, 2008

The Party in My Head - Custom Ice Cream!

From time to time I will be posting items for a category I like to call the "Party in my Head." Cupcakes and Cutlery aims to keep the products, services and ideas discussed in this blog in a certain price range making it useful to the largest group of readers. However, for the Party in my Head, I am super rich. I'm talking Oprah Winfrey rich. So in my head, I throw the BEST parties. I wish you could all be there! They are totally unique and thoughtful and fun and everyone gets to leave with their own pony. Okay, so maybe the ponies don't figure in to every party, only once in a while. For the next Party in my Head I'm going to serve ice cream from I will use their ice cream for the biggest ice cream sundae bar ever invented and then send everyone home with a pint of their own custom flavor. If you haven't been to their site, you should check it out. Not only do they sell prepackaged pints and gallons in unbelievably tempting flavors, but they also let you make your own combos. But here is why this is only for the Party in my Head. It is $50 for a half gallon, shipped in 4 pint containers plus another $30 for shipping!!!!! Yeah. First you decide if you would like Gelato, Classic or Premium cream as your base. Then you choose the base flavor, but I hope you aren't afraid of decisions because they give you 55 different flavors to choose from. They have everything from the standard classics to Cardamom, Almond or Stout flavors. Next, browse through their list of 70 mix-in options (each is $2.50 and you can add up to 2). You have heard us talk about looking for "unique" in just about every post we have done so far. But I am having a little trouble with some of the mix-ins. I enjoy the standard candy, chocolate chip, cookie type mix-in. You will not find me choosing the cheddar cheese or Parmesan cheese pieces (although when mixed in the right combination, I bet it is probably pretty good). Then you get to name your flavor and choose from the 3 packaging options they have. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the site so much. Their packaging is really great. So for my party, I would let the company choose a few of their most popular flavors to serve the guests and then have them set up a mobile ice cream making area so the guests could make their own take home gifts. And then I would have the valet bring my DeLorean around and I would drive off to Neverland Ranch which I have purchased and restored to its original glory but added a shopping mall and a Sprinkles cupcakes shop.
So if I am ever in Omaha, I will be sure to check out the Creamery in person. And you should too.

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Mom said...

If the party in your head ever comes to be I want to be invited!


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