Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can see the light!

I'm not a baker. I'm not a cake decorator. In fact, I finally found the chance to use my offset spatula for the first time with I iced a cake for my son's 2nd birthday party earlier this month. My sister had given me a cake decorating set, complete with all kinds of fancy icing tips, for my first Christmas as a married woman. That was just about 4 years ago. And the spatula is the only piece I've used so far...but I love the IDEA of me creating a magical cake moment at a party. I know I can buy a pretty amazing cake, but that is too easy. And since I pretty much will only attempt making one from a boxed mix and a tub of store bought frosting, my dream cake moment seems pretty ill fated. So, if it isn't the cake itself that is going to steal the show, I'm going to have to add something to the cake to make it sing (not literally the cake singing, but those angels you hear in your head). There are a few ways to do this. This post was going to be a lot more detailed on all the ways to jazz up a cake, but my son is really wanting my attention right now so I am going to have to focus on just one way. Lately I've been noticing that there is an amazing selection of fun candles to choose from to liven up the party. Of course there are those joke candles that don't go out (but who wants all that spit on their cake). Even my local grocery store sells some more interesting designs then just the standard stripe numbers. I can't remember where I first saw these candles but I think everyone should know about them. The flames are colored to match the actual candle stick color! So cool. And I have never seen anyone use these at a party, so if you buy them fast, you will be a pioneer (Traylor Papers is one of the few online stores that I found that carried them, but the candle's company website can tell you where to buy them near you if you just enter your zip code - in my area alone, there were a bunch of places that stocked them including the Bristol Farms grocery store chain and local Party City stores). They are non-toxic and have a burn life of 8 minutes. Plenty of time for a warbly rendition of Happy Birthday. You get $4.25 for 12 candles in a variety of colors. Go check them out and if anyone has used these, let me know if they are as cool as I think they are. Okay, I'll have to come back soon to post about more fun cake ideas. My son has pretty much spent the last 20 minutes in time out while I finished this post. I hope you will all chip in for the therapy bills...


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