Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inspiration Board Challenge - November 2011

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I don't even know how I "met" Amanda of I Go You Go.  I say "met" because although we have been trying to meet in person for a month, we still have not managed to do it. :(  If you know her blog, you know that she is a girl of many talents.  And although she talks about healthy living and foods on her site I know she can get down with me and some calorie packed dessert treats.  And that is why I like her.  She seems super fun loving and I hope we can make that meet up happen really soon.  For now, she is the next participant for my monthly Inspiration Board Challenge.    

In case you aren't familiar with her blog, I'm going to share some of the things I love about it.  One of the recurring posts that Amanda does is called Event Envy (under the "party" tag) where she shares awesome parties that she has found around the web.  She has such great taste.  I always look forward to seeing what new fab parties she will find.  I am going to be honest though and tell you I am not fond about her "Workout Wednesday" feature (found in "fitness").  It always reminds me that I'm not working out and then I feel bad and go eat a cookie.  But she always wins me back with her shoe love.     

And you have to check out this super fun trailer trash party Amanda threw for her husband. 

She also has tons of awesome recipes on the site that we should all try to cook our way through.  Go check I Go You Go out now!  

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photo via DVF

How gorgeous is this inspiration item? I first saw this Darla top in a DVF catalog and fell in love with the colors.  I wouldn't say that green is my favorite color but if you look around at my belongings, especially items to be worn, I sure do own a lot of green...But I love it mixed with a glittery bronze and of course a little black never hurts anything.  This color scheme would lend itself so well to any kind of event.  I can't wait to see what Amanda comes up with!!!  Check back near the end of the month to see what she shares. 

Who would like to participate next?  Email me,


All photos except the DVF top via I Go You Go

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Amanda said...

Eeeek! I am so excited!!! Thanks for letting me do this!



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