Thursday, November 10, 2011

Found! DIY Hair Ties by Tera Rae Stephens!

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I have been wanting to buy hair ties like these for about a year now.  Not sure why I can't just bring myself to spend the money and save myself from even more broken hairs and this lovely crown of frizz.  So I was super excited to see this tutorial on how to make your own by Tera Rae Stephens.    

Go Check it out here!  Tera is my hair stylist and is super awesome.  From getting to know her over the last year or so I know that she is a talented craftress, can throw a mean party and is pretty much a super amazing working mom.  I'm really hoping she shares more of those adventures on her blog.  We all stand to benefit from that.  Show her some love!  Oh!  And she's doing a giveaway!  So hop over and enter!  

images via Tera Rae Stephens

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