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Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food {and Giveaway!}

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There are all kinds of reasons that reviewing this baby food appealed to me.  While I don't have baby food eaters at home any more, I am in love with this product and company and wanted to share it with all of you.  Baby Gourmet is a new baby food product that has launched in Walmart stores nationwide and I can't wait to tell you why I love it.  

GIVEAWAY:  I will be sending samples to one commenter (see more details at the bottom of the post)!

With our first son, I was still working and the idea of making my own baby food made me want to cry. I didn't know about "whole" cooking and quite frankly didn't care.  But when we were diagnosed with food allergies at 1 years old, I became very aware of all the harmful stuff we were introducing to our bodies, whether it was from pesticides or even just preservatives.  When my second son was born, I did make a lot of his baby food.  But the volume of produce I had to buy, prepare and smoosh was a total time sucker.  I felt like I was trapped in the kitchen.  And when we left the house, I always used jarred foods because I couldn't wrap my head around having to thaw the food somewhere or if I was keeping it at the right temperature.  If these pouches were around when the kids were little, I would have absolutely tracked them down.  And while my second son doesn't have any food allergies, I knew that a whole foods diet is what I wanted to give the kids.  I know the top right picture is a little small but basically the packages show everything you could want to know and want in a baby food:  organic, unsweetened, no dairy, egg or lactose, no nuts, BPA free packaging, gluten free.

The company was started by Jennifer Broe because she wanted something better for her kids than she was finding in stores.  Aside from the quality of ingredients she wanted to feed her kids, she actually wanted it to taste good also.  She tastes every batch to make sure she likes it and understands the variance in flavor that vegetables can have.  This product is straight from her heart to our homes.  She began selling her baby foods at local Farmer's Markets but the demand grew and so did her business.  The growth led her to the shelf-stable packaging which actually helps to create a healthier product.  The flash cooking process is quicker and maintains more of the great nutrients in the food itself. 

The re-closable spout makes feeding on the go a snap.  For smaller babies, just squeeze directly on to a spoon.  For older kids, they can squeeze it right in to their mouths.  I asked a couple of the cutest babies I know to give these a try so I could review them. 

Our first taste tester is little baby C.  This adorable guy is my neighbor and he is just about 5 months old.  How darling is his face! 

Baby C's mom loved the idea of this food.  She loved that it tasted good and that the packaging was super easy to use.  Since it has been a while since I have fed anyone baby food I asked her how it compared.  She said this consistency was thicker than the standard food on the market and that you could tell it was made with real fruit (he tasted the apple cobbler flavor).  I am pretty sure he really liked what he was eating as his little feet never stopped kicking.    

Next up is my buddy, D (why, yes, that is his older sister in a wrestling mask in the background).  He is about 10 months old and he likes to eat.  

D took to the Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley like a champ.  I didn't taste this one but from the content looks and how much he ate, I think he really dug it. 

My 2 1/2 year old has been riding me since these arrived at my house to let him try them.  So finally, I relented.  I gave him the stage 1 Juicy Pear and Garden Greens.  I quickly tasted it before handing over the package found it was sweet, with just the right amount of tartness, and although you could taste the "greens" when it hit your tongue, by the time it got to the back of you mouth, they were completely blended with the pears and made a delicious bite.  My son does not eat.  I mean, I'm sure he does but almost always, I take away a plate from meal time that looks very similar in size to the one I put down in front of him.  I am going to go find these to supplement his meals with.  He thought it was a snack but what he was getting was pure wholesomeness.  While I am not trying to revert my son to baby food, I am trying to get him to eat a more well balanced diet.  

So the final consensus for Baby Gourmet...a toddler thumbs up!  Although their store locator info doesn't seem to be completely input yet, these meals are available in Walmart now.  Go find them!  There are 3 flavor options for each of the 3 stages of food.  

If you are interested in trying these out with your own child leave a comment telling me why you want to give them a try.  I will choose one person to receive samples and and write a review for the blog.  (You do not need to be a blogger or professional photog to win - the post will be sent via email with photo attachments).   Must live in the United States.  Will take comments until midnight, Tuesday, October 18, 2011.  

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all photos (except photo of Jennifer Broe) by me

*I was sent samples of the baby food to try but the opinions are mine, my son's, the babies and toddlers featured as well as their mothers.  We can not be bought.  At least not with baby food.  Will accept other inquiries. :) 


Laura Read said...

I would love to try these out with my eight month old. She's a great eater, but I worry sometimes about what's actually going into her system. These look terrific, and whether I win the giveaway or not, I'm going to head out and pick some up for her!

Julia said...

I'd love to try some samples. My daughter is almost 9 months and we're experimenting with all sorts of fun new flavors, and any new types of food are much appreciated!

claud said...

My 10 month old is very picky about what brand she eats already I've figured out. I've tried the sprout with her and she doesn't seem to like them at all. She'll eat the plum organics and the happy baby but both are hard to find and limited flavor selection. I've never heard of these and I would love to try them with her in hoping she would love them. Thanks for sharing!!

Cheryl C said...

I would love to try your products for my son. He loves all foods and a great eater.

Kim T said...

I would love to try some of these! I want my son to try as many new foods as he can, and I need to keep feeding him tasty fruits and veggies-- things that are harder to get in winter in PA!

Monkeydoooz said...

My little lady loves this food! She is 13 months and is quite a picky eater so I still feed her these and she gobbles them up. We lvie in Canada and they are available at Zehrs stores.

Tanja McMorris said...

My son is a year now and has been an "independent" eater since he was 6 months. He hates being spoonfed, but when we're out and about, I don't want to let him have free reign on bits of food - it's too messy. Enter Baby Gourmet - we don't leave home without it. It's so easy to just unscrew the cap and my LO sucks the goodness back. Perfect for snacks and for those days when I can't seem to get him to eat anything other than yogurt and dry cereal! Love, love, love!

Tanja said...

My son just turned one and has been a - shall we say - independent eater since we started solids. He hates being spoonfed for the most part, and can sure make a mess when he's eating with his hands. I love Baby Gourmet for snacks on the go; I just twist off the cap and he sucks the goodness back. And no mess! I find they're also great when I'm feeling neurotic about him not getting enough veggies. I love this product. My only complaint is that often the store shelves are bare (obviously I'm not the only fan of this product). I get them at Wal-Mart and Superstore.

Catherine Agnes said...

I'd love to try these. My son is almost 9 months and won't let me spoon-feed him, so the pouch concept appeals to me!

lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

ooh, i'd love to try these too. i'm with ya -- always looking for good ways to add some extra veggies & healthy stuff to my kiddo's diet. these sound like winners!


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