Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The soundtrack to your next party

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You guys know that I love music.  And my parties are often planned around the music that I want to play.  It is where I draw inspiration for the colors and the mood and sometimes the overall theme of a party.  While I love to put playlists together (selfishly mostly for myself, not my guests) sometimes, I just want to take a few pieces of the entertaining puzzle off my plate.  My go to for party playlists is Grizzly Bear Modern.  This husband and wife blogging team based out of Los Angeles put out amazing downloadable music for your enjoyment.    

The 24 means that there are, yes, 24 different mixtapes for you to choose from.  They are all about the same length and I would recommend downloading about 4 of them to cover the majority of your party.  

I have not gone through every single one of the mixes but they feature a ton of new music and bands you might not know about but also sprinkle in some oldies too.  Take volume 21 for instance, it features some of my fave newish stuff by Sleigh Bells and Washed Out but also Elton John, The Beatles and a little Rusted Root for good measure.  

You simply must download volume 24 for the James Black and Bon Iver track.  I'm seeing Bon Iver tonight and I'm ridiculously excited.  

Be sure to read the rest of their blog also.  As there logo says, talk about way more than just music and their style is berserk.  Which means I love it.  

Now pick a playlist and throw a party. 

all images from Grizzly Bear Modern


Jessica @ Grizzly Bear Modern said...

Thanks for the love, Sharon! This is so sweet! Glad we could provide a soundtrack to your (undoubtedly awesome) soirées. How was Bon Iver?!? So jealous.

Audrina said...

Bought me at N.E.R.D and Marvin Gaye. :) Thanks for the amazing list.


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