Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Farm Sprinkle Featured!

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I'm SO excited!  You guys know The Wedding Chicks right?  Well they got even more awesome and started On to Baby to feature what happens after the big day is over.  They feature adorable nurseries, kid and maternity photo shoots and of course showers and kid parties.  I never understood how you got a party featured on one of these big sites.  I always thought they patrolled the blogosphere, scouring for the coolest of the cool.  Turns out, most often, you submit them.  So I decided to submit my 'Baby Farm' themed baby sprinkle and they chose to feature it! Woo Hoo!!!!!  I haven't even posted any of the photos on this blog yet so you simply must head over there to see them all.   

The party was for my best friend, Taryn, who was having her 4th kid.  She's classy and fun but I really wanted to do the farm theme so had to figure out how to make it all work together.  She likes modern but  I wanted it to be different from her other showers.  So we took it a little bit country. 

Want to know how to make a cute dessert table?  Split up the work.  I used some store bought items, made some simple but delicious desserts and had Meringue Bake Shop make the specialty stuff.  It didn't cost a ton of money and I wasn't slaving away in the kitchen for days and the table looked really cute!

While I knew what I wanted the end result to look like I get utterly paralyzed by the actual styling of things.  I called in backup and had Lauren come over to help me finish it up.  She is awesome and I will just leave it at that so it doesn't get all weird and gushy.  She worked the chicken wire into the hanging balls - GENIUS!  Of course she did more than that but I was blown away!  It looked so cute!

I forgot to submit this photo of the invite!!! How cute is it?!  Designed by Lauren.  Sorry my editing skills suck so bad and I had to cover the address with those two dumb boxes.  Don't let that detract from the handpainted!!!! background and squiggly swirls (that is the name for those framing thingies, right?).

I hope you guys like it!  Thank you On to Baby for sharing it! 

Mini pies and decorated sugar cookies done by Meringue Bake Shop
Styling done by A Fabulous Fete
Woodwork done by my Dad!  Holla
Large sign printed by Direct Edge Media

All photos by me! 

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Such a warm, personal touch to this party you styled! Your friend must've been thrilled!


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