Friday, June 10, 2011

Wrap Up - Ziggy Stardust Space Party

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This is the last post about the party.  I mean it.  I hope this gives an overall feel of the party for those who can't handle my long winded, oddly categorized previous posts.  I can't even get over the beautiful photography done by Dez and Tam.  I am in LOVE with their style and they are literally the nicest family I have ever met.  If you are considering family portraits I highly recommend them!  Check out their site to see their past work and I know you will be convinced!  And I know I put on a more detailed kid's party than most, but I would encourage you to hire them for your next party too.  I can't tell you how relaxed I was that day knowing I would get to these two crazy talented people were capturing all the memories for me.  Thank you Dez and Tam! (and little Riley too!  Their son is the cutest and sweetest little boy ever!)  

All photos by Dez and Tam except the fabric flowers and the metal stud. 

Cake and Push Cakes by Meringue Bake Shop


Ziggy Stardust Space Party - over and out. 

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Love the photos of the kids in action. It was clearly a FUN party!


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