Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recipe for a simple summer party

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Music often prompts me to plan parties.  At least in my head.  I can see decorations and how much fun the guests are having as a song plays.  The other day, on the way to my happy place (Target), I heard this song by the Tune-Yards called "Gangsta."  Until this song, I hadn't made up my mind about this band.  I sorta like them but there was something so different about this song.  It sort of sounds like a car crash.  And M.I.A. (who I don't enjoy but will sing along to if it is playing...).  

I can't find this song in a player so if you want to hear it, go listen here.

So it got me to thinking.  What would a party based on this song sound like?  And then it hit me.  Sometimes a party doesn't need to be decorated to an inch of its life to be perfect.  So here is my recipe for a super simple summer party:

-Great friends
-Ice Cream
-Blankets to sit on, and/or a teepee
-Good music (whatever playlist I've made with all my fave songs...I'm kinda bossy)
-Good wine in cheap plastic cups
-Iced Tea
-Just hanging out


Our friends Jimmy and Vanessa throw really good parties.  They are laid back, there is lots of laughs and you always have a blast.  I'm going to take their lead (after a very special birthday party in July :) and scale back.  I'm calling it Back to Basics.  Who's with me?  

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