Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric Fringe Straw Flags with Glue Dots

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A few months ago I was asked to work on a special project for the new Glue Dots website.  I immediately asked Lauren of A Fabulous Fete to partner with me and we were off and running.  While the project is still in the works (and we can't wait to share it with you when it's ready!) we thought we would give you all a sneak peak (above) and provide some tutorials for several of the elements that we used. 

First up is this adorable fabric fringe straw flag.  I adore using fabric in my party decor.  It adds a great textural element and there seems to be an endless supply of colors and patterns to choose from at a very low cost.  I never expected the Glue Dots to work on fabric.  Lauren taught me otherwise.  And because I have a very heavy hand with the glue gun, I prefer to work with Glue Dots now, for many of my fabric projects.  Once in a while, the Glue Dot might not readily stick to the fabric.  With just a little extra pressure from your nail, it usually does the trick.  These straws, because of the personalization quality of the paper embellishment, can be modified to fit any occasion.  Let's do this.

Fabric (only a small piece is needed for each flag so total amount depends on how many flags you expect to make)
Paper Cutter
Glue Dots Mini
Glue Dots Glue Lines

Begin by cutting a rectangle of fabric approximately 2" x 4".

Set the rectangle in front of you with the longer sides at the top and bottom.  Use a Glue Dots Glue Line in the centers of the long sides along the top and bottom edges of the rectangles.  Place your straw in the center of the Glue Lines leaving about an 1 1/2" of the straw sticking out above the fabric.  Place a third Glue Line to one side of the straw.

Fold the fabric around the straw and secure it to the Glue Line.

Trim the edge of the fabric to be even and then create the fringe by cutting the fabric at random intervals, fairly close together, perpendicular to the straw.  You can cut very short fringe, or longer fringe just try to keep the cuts consistent in length. 

Next you will add your paper embellishment.  Here we just used a solid colored paper.  But this is your opportunity to really add some personalization.  Print out a sentiment on normal printer paper (no cardstock needed) and then cut it as we've done here.  Cut the strip approximately 1/4" x 2 1/2".  Cut the ends into points.  Next, center the strip on top of your flag and fold the ends towards the bag.  Use Glue Dots Mini Dots (one on the back of each pointed end) and a Glue Line on the back of the strip. 

Adhere to the fabric straw flag. 

And there you have it.  Super simple, but a great statement maker at your next party. 

Check out Lauren's blog tomorrow and Thursday for more tutorials and I'll have another one up on Wednesday.  

*We received Glue Dots products for participating in the project.  And I love them. 

All photos are mine. 


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

You ladies never cease to amaze me! Love this!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this thoughtful embellishment for a party! Great idea.


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