Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photo Shoots - Behind the scenes

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I like doing photo shoots.  You can really showcase your design aesthetic and get your ideas across.  The finished product is often refined and gorgeous (if you are lucky enough to work with a fantastic photographer).  But do you know what goes on behind the scenes during a photo shoot?  Let me share with you what my Easter shoot with Amy's Kitchen Table was like.  Here is a math equation for you...2 adults making all the food for an Easter brunch, decorating and taking photos + 4 children under 5 = ?????

First, you have to play defense.  The kids will constantly try to leave their mark on your design.  I have to say I am not completely against the blue truck.    

Watch your backgrounds.

Be willing to reset the table.  You turn around for one second and there is a toddler wielding cutlery.  

 Juice should probably be consumed in cups with lids. Keep the decorative straws for another time.

Kid's want to make their own centerpieces.  Styling must run in their blood. 

This is what our day looked like.  Our two sons wrestling feet from the buffet table.  Amy's darling daughter, who started the day in a fabulous Easter dress, only to ditch it VERY early on and rock a diaper with patent leather shoes.  And notice there is one child missing which probably led me to a brief panic and a search party. 

I'm so happy that Amy, of Amy's Kitchen Table asked me to be part of her Easter project.  I hope we get to work together again very soon.  Please support her as she is truly a talent in the kitchen and has so much to share with you and your family!  

All photos are mine.


Melissa C said...

hahaha! I love everything about this post.

Jen said...

This is so funny... rocking patent leather shoes & a diaper.. hahaha

Amy said...

hysterical!! that's my favorite of ALL the Easter brunch posts!!!
thank you for capturing such lovely photos are also a true talent when it comes to throwing a party! xoxo.

Belly B said...

those pictures are so fun and lovely! :) Love all of them.

Belly B


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