Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

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Tomorrow is the big 5th bday party for my son.  I managed to find time to decorate eggs with the boys last night in an effort to not let that holiday slip by.  As I am averse to stains, the boys wore only undergarments (anyone with a therapist recommendation feel free to forward their contact info...).  They had a really fun time and I'm fairly certain my youngest son's hands won't remain blue for the rest of his life.  One is quite vibrant.  This blog has helped me to learn lots of things about myself and how I parent and one of the ways I need to grow is with my kid's holiday memories.  So while O's party is pretty much ready to be set up (this post is my way of procrastinating cleaning the house) I may be pulling an all nighter to prepare for Easter morning.  I hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend and get to spend lots of quality time with family! 


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Belly B said...

Happy Easter to you too!!! :)

Belly B


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