Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A super cool bday party for a super cool girl

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I've mentioned several times that Lauren and I have been working together a lot lately.  We really make a great team.  Not only do I get to learn her crafty techniques, but she also helps me to look at things in a new way.  What I had wanted to do as a full on conceptual table design, complete with social commentary, would have had to be pushed back for months and months in order to grasp the magnitude of the concept and fit in to everyone's schedule.  And then Lauren said we should do it like this for her birthday party.  Sold.  Why do I make everything harder than it needs to be? :)

Be sure to head over to Lauren's site to see all the photos.  What you don't get to see on her site, though, are all the amazing friends of hers that I got to meet.  This was an actual party albeit one that maybe was styled a bit more than usual.  Although I did hear several stories about Lauren's past parties and projects from these friends and they may all be this styled :).  I got a sense that they would all do anything to help her with any projects she is working on and it was neat to be a part of that.  

Lauren did an amazing job with this party so go check out the photos.  Happy Birthday Lauren!


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