Sunday, March 13, 2011

Party inspired art by cool kids

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We went to a really fun event this weekend called "Milk and Cookies Art Show" put on by Active Rideshop and Tom's Shoes.  Billed as an art show created by kids, I knew it would be a fun show for the boys to see plus the art was for sale and raising money for several good causes.  The art was created by parents, who for the most part work in some aspect of the action sports industry, and their children.  We had a few friends who had pieces displayed and couldn't wait to check them out.  The art was really good!  And my fave piece was this one!:

This one was by Ben Brough, (see a video about he and his work here) and his 6 year old daughter and was titled "dessert table."  You know we party girls love a good dessert table.  I wanted to buy it and after inquiring about it found out it had already been purchased.  Yeah for the good causes, boo for me.   See a little more detail below:

I would love to recreate this as an actual table.  I adore it.  And as I was trying to organize some craft supplies today, I found this picture drawn by my then 4 1/2 year old son that I had meant to share earlier: 

One day I was working on a blog project with a friend of mine and was explaining to her how I wanted her to draw something.  As I was describing the view - straight on from the front, the tiered cake stands and the chandeliers, my son was drawing it.  Sometimes my mommy world and my bloggy world cross over in really neat ways.  This was one of them.  I love this picture and he was so proud of himself and felt a part of our project.  Super busy week ahead but just wanted to share these charming party scenes.  

Have a sweet week!


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