Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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I want to thank you all for being patient with the lack of posting lately.  I wanted to share a few sneaks with you, though, so you should know to come back and see all the rest of the goodness soon.  The above I should be able to share next week and is a really fun Easter project!  

This past weekend I held my bff's baby farm themed sip and see for her 4th baby.  It turned out SO cute (why yes that is a Hank and Hunt garland you see...).  I will be showing this one really soon.  And I think I will hold a contest to decide the theme when she has her 5th baby.  I'm all tapped out. :) 

Here is just a taste of a project that Lauren and I are in the middle of.  SUPER fun!  Dying to share more but will when the time is right.  And more surprises up our sleeves... 

Also, come back over on Thursday when I will share the final board for this month's inspiration board challenge.  It is crazy good!!! Cake Ink nailed it! 

Ok, back to work.  


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Melissa C said...

Lovin' the sneaks... want more ;)


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