Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty Garland Installations

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via Tinlark

Only have time for a quick post this morning.  I've got my baby farm themed baby shower this weekend and lots to finish up for it.  I, like everyone else, am totally in to feathers right now.  I googled feather garland and came up with this.  From what I can tell, it is an art installation at a cute Los Angeles gallery, Tinlark.  In looking around their site, I found out that they have art exhibits in their space and also provide art buying consultancy.  Their shows look to be super fun and the art not up tight at all.  In most photos you can see kids checking it all out and they also set up a kid's craft area.  LOVE that.  I will most certainly check this out some more and try to find it next time I am up there.

via Tinlark

So I will leave you with these cool vertical garlands (another thing I am totally in to right now).  I hope you all have a great week!  



Cheryl E. said...


Two Sides of the Rainbow said...

How fun! It reminds me of the "art" we used to make in grade school when we would visit the Seattle Children's Museum. They would let us loose in a room full of paper, glue, crayons, markers, and just about every recycling item know to man. So much fun!

Melissa C said...

This is awesome!

Belly B said...

WOw those are beautiful!!! They would be great for a party :)

Belly B

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

What cool garlands! I would love to check out this gallery in person!

Red Hill General Store said...

Amazing garlands! Love all the colors! Thanks so much for sharing this.


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