Friday, January 28, 2011

January Inspiration Board Challenge - The Final Board

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I am so excited to share the inspiration board that Jen of Blush Printables came up with.  I was super late this month getting the challenge together this month and that gave Jen only about a week to create this board.  Never mind the fact that she has a regular day job, and puts together a fantastic blog, she was totally up to the challenge.  I loved the feel that the inspiration picture had.  It was a very cool idea of how to incorporate florals in a new way. 

Again, this was the inspiration photo (see the full explanation here) and here is what Jen came up with!

Gorgeous!  I don't use a lot of flowers in my parties because in the wrong hands (mine) they can look hokey and be expensive to buy enough to make an impact.  I love the photos that she found!  Totally a party that I would want to attend.  And since Jen and I have bonded over grunge, I know this party would rock!  

Photo Sources:
Menu - Unknown



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