Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration Board Challenge - December

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I look forward to these challenge posts all month. I get such a thrill from seeing out the inspiration pieces and then wait on pins and needles to see the finished boards. I also enjoy meeting new bloggers and learn more about them by perusing their sites. This month's participant is Jenna of Eat Drink Pretty. It's amazing.

One of the things I love most about Jenna's blog is her amazing food photography. I would give my left eye for her talent. And the recipes that she posts sound so amazing. For example, the baked cinnamon sugar donuts above.

Once in a while, you get to see a party that she has put together. Her details are amazing. From great graphics, to handmade touches, they are so creative and lovely. She also creates amazing inspiration boards to showcase what she is loving in entertaining at the moment. Which is why I knew she would be perfect to do this month's challenge.

I am not in to traditional holiday decorating. In fact, until I actually own a home, I don't expect that I will decorate much at all. I have a mental block against buying things that may or may not go with the style of the home I get to decorate once it's mine, all mine. But I do love vintage inspired holidays and non-standard color combos. How great is this orange, black and silver wrapping papers by Darling Clementine. It is not for sale this year, but they have some pretty great options. I heart everything they make and think you will too.

I have let Jenna decide if she wants to do a holiday, Christmas or New Year's themed board. So check back the last week of December to see what she's created!



Melissa C said...

Love the Orange Christmas wrapping paper! & looking forward to the inspiration board!!

Jenna said...

Thanks so much for asking me to participate! I am looking forward to creating the board to share!


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