Monday, November 8, 2010

And the Lockheart Inspiration Board Contest Winner is...

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Sorry this is up so late!!! I woke up under the weather and just now got out of bed. :(

There you have it folks!!! Jenny Dixon has walked away with her very own Lockheart Caprice handbag because of her gorgeous board above! And to think Jenny wanted to change this board! :) Email me your mailing address, Jenny, and we'll send your bag right out to you. You'll be the most stylish person at all the upcoming holiday parties.

I wanted to let you all know that if you look back at the comment sections some have been deleted. That was my way of making sure each person was entered only once. In my head that made the most sense but now I feel like I probably could have left them and just wrote them out on a sheet of paper...just didn't want anyone to wonder where one of their comments went. Also want to let you know to choose the rest of the winners, I used So yell at them if you are angry you lost. :)

And now on to the winners of the second Lockheart Caprice. The winner is...

Sarah McF!!

You won!!! Congrats to you!!!

The cooking prize package goes to:

Dana Poole!

The baking prize package goes to:

Boulder Mommy!

The create-a-party prize package goes to:


The party pretty prize pack goes to:

Henria O!

I have your email addresses so I will contact you for your mailing addresses tomorrow. Congrats to all the winners!!
A little surprise for the 5 other inspiration board contest participants. Lockheart has graciously given each of you one of these adorable flower key chains!!! How cute are those!!!

Thank you again to Lockheart for this amazing contest and prizes. And thank you to all the other sponsors for helping to put together some other great prize packages.

And a special shout out to Kori of Paper and Pigtails for helping me with the look of the contest! She rocks!

Sharon out.


Kristin said...

SAD i didn't win :( SAD you are feeling under the weather.

those keychains are pretty cute though. think my mom and sister would like one for christmas.... heading over to the site now

Dana said...

Thank you Sharon! I can't wait to bake a lasagna in my beautiful new pan. I hope you feel better soon!

Sarah McF. said...

I had such a good feeling about this contest :) and it came true! Thanks for running the contest and for writing up the winners so quickly when you didn't feel well. It was so great to be able to check and see the news :)

Kori Clark said...

Congrats to these lucky winners!!! Thanks for the shout out, you are so fabulous, glad I could help!


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